United Singles Olympia Washington

What Is United Singles?

It’s a non-profit social club comprised of single persons and is centered in the Olympia area.  The Club has been referred to as “the best of the best”. 
Basically it’s a club for singles who want to make friends and have fun – who want to get out and do things with other singles such as dancing, game nights, potlucks and travel.

It was organized in 1975 and is not affiliated with any other group or church and does not have any chapters or branches. It is a club unique in and of itself - "A one of a kind."

There are an almost equal number of men and women in the club and the ages range from 40s and above.   You will find that everyone you meet has something to offer, whether young or old. 

Come to one of our activities (see the Activities page) and try us out! Or you can call Jim Parshall, the President, at 360-943-6474, for more information.

President's Message

Hello All,

Our United Singles New Year’s Eve dance was a great success!! The board’s idea of giving this free dance was to give back to our members and to friends of United Singles. The ballroom was decorated with white tablecloths, candles, streamers, party hats, and favors.We had snacks and candy on all the tables. Everyone who came remarked how elegantthe ballroom looked and how much fun the dance was; they stayed right up to 1:00 am. It was a dance of all dances and a great way to end the year 2013.

We, the board of United Singles, want to wish everyone a Happy New Year and let you know that it was a fun year for us. Looking back at the year, it seemed to go so very fast with so little time to get everything done. I know we worked as hard as we could and did accomplish a lot. I am so very proud of our board members, because they gave 100% of their time to our United Singles club and to let you know that they are the best team that a President could have. I want to thank each one of them for all their hard work and time that they gave to our club.

At the last board meeting, the board decided to stop and put aside the newsletter and activities calendar at this time because of growing postage costs, low growth of club membership, and lack of participation in our club activities. We will post all club news on our web site or send out information by email. Our web site is www.unitedsingles.org.
Happy New Year to everyone.

Your US President,
Jim Parshall